At the moment many husbandry farms in Russia use about three hundred of "Zorka" veterinary laser therapeutic devices and two hundred of "Kluch" electrolizers in their practices. In 2001 in Moscow the " Ecoproducts and Ecotechnologies of Russia" First Russian Contest has been held. The Jury Counsil of the Contest awarded the "Kluch" electrolizer and "Zorka" laser therapeutic complex by the special Prize for environmentally friendly qualities in the nomination of "Envinronmentally friendly methods of treatment the farm animals".

A new brochure with methods of Na-hypohlorite usage in veterinary practice is printed and will be sent to customers.
In-site preparation of effective medical agent with wide spectra of action is becoming reality for practitioneers with "Kluch" electrolysers.
New automatic processor for trichinelasis detection in meat "Gastros" had successfully passed experiments and tests in St.Petersburg's Academy of Veterinary Medicine. High-productive method of meat diagnostics is brought to market

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