The relationship of milk electrical resistance and health of the udder resulted in the development of the MASTITIS DETECTOR by All-Russian Institute of Milk Industry, with the co-operation of PETROLASER Co. Research carried out over many years has established that the development of sub clinical mastitis is accompanied by a rise in the level of chlorine ions in the milk, which reduces its electrical resistance. Since the discovery of this relationship, electronic methods of detecting sub clinical mastitis have become widely accepted and practical. The PETROLASER ELECTRONIC MASTITIS DETECTOR consists of a measurement cup with electrodes, built in the electronic unit with LCD panel, handle containing a standard 9 volt battery and a switch. The instrument is made of polypropylene, resistant to atmospheric conditions, most chemicals, shock, breakage, and splash- proof, for easy washing and cleaning. Its simplicity of use, robustness, speed, low power usage and overall functionality combined with a wide-scale digital readout for interpreting severity of infections, has resulted in the success of the PETROLASER Mastitis Detector over competitor devices.

Size: 200 х 92 х 50 mm
Weight: not more 200 gr .