Laser therapeutic apparatus


This apparatus is intended for carrying out an effective laser therapy of the most wide spread horse diseases in conditions of horse factories, farms and in fields.


At using the Laser therapeutic apparatus (LTA) "Favorite" an animal doesn`t feel any pain sensations and lack of medicamental scent
doesn`t call negative memories and, hence, aggressive behaviour. It differs from analogs by simple, reliable design and high therapeutic power — 100 mW.

At the request of the customer "Favorite" can be completed with rectovaginal tips.
Using of the low-intensive laser radiation renders on an organism regenerative-stimulating, immune and trophicostimulating, analgesic,
anti-inflammatory effects and also compensate the deficiency of exchange energy.
The device is maximally adapted for usage in horse-breeding.
Detailed methods of treatment and therapeutic tables along with topographical maps of biologically active points on the horse body
are included in the set of delivery.