Laser therapeutic complex


Designed for an effective therapy of the domestic animals' diseases by method of low-intensive laser radiation allows to carry out painless physiotherapeutic procedures

Application of laser therapy as one of the new, ecologically safe methods allows to raise prestige of a veterinary, of a clinic, owning
this equipment and of the veterinary science as a whole.
Low-intensive laser radiation renders on an organism regenerative- stimulating, immune and trophico-stimulating, analgetic, anti-
inflammatory effect, and also compensates lack of the exchange energy.
Long-term experience of using laser equipment confirmed the efficiency of laser therapy at treating different diseases.
Device construction allows to facilitate the work of a veterinary expert as much as possible owing to: easy managing and legible mode
indication; autonomy of power supply; convenient packaging (a bag);
availability of specialized fiber optic instrument; quickness of carrying out the procedures (1-3 minutes).
User's manuals are included in the set of delivery.

The Power-Point presentation about practical application:

The Use of Laser Scalp Acupuncture in the Treatment of Canine Cerebrovascular Accidents