Fluorescent diagnostic device

SAPPHIRE intended for luminescence analysis performance to diagnose microsporia, pityriasis versicolor in dermatology and veterinary as well as mycotoxins and mycotic lesions of grain.

Dermatology, veterinary, sanitary-and-veterinary expertise.

Structure and Operation
Two mercury-quartz lamps are used as ultra-violet light source, they are mounted within light plastic case providing air-cooling of the lamps.
      Ultra-violet lamp radiation is projected onto the object analyzed via black light filter which has transmission maximum in 365 nm that causes intensive luminescence of objects analyzed.
      Built-in flat Fresnel's lens provides to examine details of object analyzed with magnification that increase the reliability of luminescent diagnostics
      Radiation is safe for eyes.

Technical Data
Operation wavelength of ultra-violet365 nm
Total power of lamps18 W
Lens magnification2.5x
Power supply220V/50Hz
Dimensions160x200x50 mm
Weight of lamp0.75 kg
Weight of power supply1.5 kg