This Diagnostic device is detected the "heat" period of cows and gives an opportunity for choosing optimal period of arificial insemination. Operation principle is mesurement of phisical parameters of mucous in vagina opening.

     Heat-detector is suplying inseminator or vet. Specialist with a relible diagnostics of heat period of cows.

      - It allows to increase the effectiveness of insemination up to 85-100% in different animals groups.

      - It makes the job of specialists much easier due to decrease of needed rectal investigations, and making diagnostics shoter in time (5 - 10 sec).

      - It reduses stress reactions of animals.

      - It decreases the expenditures of semen due to possibility of one step insemination.

Compact disign and autonomic power supply makes possible field usege of this device.
The afficacy of appied method is proved by multiple tests cartied out by authorized experts and leading specialists.


Dimensions, not over than, mm 160x100x80
Weight, not over than, kg 0,8
Continuous operation time from fully charged accumulator, not less than, hrs 25